We are a small group of anonymous devs, who are bringing fairness and safety to the world of DeFi farming.

Feel free to contact us on Telegram or use the feedback form to add your farm.

Yes! Please contact us to discuss pricing.

Contact us with the feedback form at the bottom of any page, or through Telegram.

We launched TrustScore to help the farm community answer the question: "Is this farm safe?". We hate rugpulls as much as you, so we're super happy to help improve visibility into the farming world.

TrustScore is a combination of a few data sources that are automatically collected a few times per day, and translate into a simple 0-100% score.

We use a number of different data sources to quantify the farm safety likelihood, for example TVL, project age, community size etc.

First things first, don't rugpull on your community!

But in general, the larger, older and more popular your farm, we believe broadly equates to better trustworthyness. So, keep doing what you're doing - grow your community, grow your staked amounts and the TrustScore will naturally start to increase.

There are a number of variables used to calculate the APR. For instance, it depends on the price source used (price oracle, direct calculation, VWAP etc.), and even little changes there can make a big change to the APRs.

As a basic example, to normalise APR and pricing data through BNB then BUSD, you need to pull/calculate the price of BNB and BUSD. Some might use a price oracle for BNB and some might calculate directly with the BNB-BUSD LP pair. That gives an immediate set of variables - point in time liquidity, and which LP provider. Secondly then, to calculate BUSD do you assume it's $1, or do you calculate that from an external source somewhere? Even calculating that as 1.02 is an immediate 2% difference in price/APR, and so that carries through as a constant 2% reduction or addition to the APR (even more so as it happens due to further calculations).

So quite quickly it can add up to the 10-20% discrepancy you're seeing. It might be helpful to think of that as a spread, and the real APR is most likely somewhere inbetween, depending on how the moon sets, whether it rained yesterday and so on.