Olive Swap

OliveCash has the goal of fostering AMM, Yield Farming and DeFi market by facilitating the participation of traditional investors to the Crypto Ecosystem. Expanding the potential market reach requires simple and smooth interfaces as well as easier connections between Fiat and Crypto markets. To increase protocol economical sustainability, we aim at increasing burning fees and defining additional deflationary strategies benefitting holders.

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Total Value Locked: $467,712

Network: Avalanche


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Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL
  Olive OLIVE-WAVAX-LP lp 0.26% 94% $11,279
  Olive OLIVE single 0.09% 33% $12,014
  Olive OLIVE-USDT.e-LP lp 0.14% 52% $4,058
  Olive WAVAX-YTS-LP lp 0.04% 13% $37
  Olive CGS-WAVAX-LP lp 0.01% 5% $16
  Olive DAI.e-USDT.e-LP lp 0.01% 3% $48,817
  Olive BUSD.e-USDT.e-LP lp 0.0% 0% $391,494
Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL



@nicknorwitz After going to Greece and tasting real Olive Oil recently swap out American Cheese for Olive Oil boug… https://t.co/Fvf56kKwPO @LowCarbEyeDoc

2022-09-24 13:10:08

I know the fed wants a strong USD but will they extend an olive branch of swap lines to stop the bleeding? @SantiagoAuFund @AsymetricTrades

2022-09-23 18:39:28

@kitKAT_dc Sooo I don’t have a stick-to-a-tive dressing pursay, but I have key ingredients that I tend to go with.… https://t.co/c8SkgyOb9K @TyHairston

2022-09-23 02:49:51

Ukraine receives hundreds of POWs from Russia in prisoner swap for top Putin ally https://t.co/kqOzKOiNNF @leo_olive_

2022-09-22 13:27:31

Ukraine’s Mariupol defenders, Putin ally in prisoner swap https://t.co/AQAc7xQamR @leo_olive_

2022-09-22 10:31:01

Moscow says 55 servicemen from Ukraine prisoner swap now in Russia https://t.co/6yK8ukLuI7 @leo_olive_

2022-09-22 10:14:57

Shaun Pinner: Briton released in Russia-Ukraine prisoner swap pictured with his family | World News https://t.co/gje2qr5vHI @leo_olive_

2022-09-22 10:11:42

Ukraine’s Mariupol defenders, Putin ally in prisoner swap https://t.co/iJzpwtoOs9 @leo_olive_

2022-09-22 08:05:03

2 Americans, 5 Britons captured by Russia in Ukraine freed in prisoner swap https://t.co/Se63XpI8mP @leo_olive_

2022-09-21 22:45:39

2 Americans and 5 Britons captured by Russian-backed forces in Ukraine freed in prisoner swap https://t.co/FhjcdBB73G @leo_olive_

2022-09-21 19:53:35

@pentapod Ooh I love one pan dishes! I usually end up doing a creamy pan sauce with chicken, but a nice light sauce… https://t.co/AHaOZ2lKQ5 @Samantha_E_Wald

2022-09-20 04:53:27

#PigeInu Loving the first line of NFT's! Staking out now! Soon to come launching a clothing line! Already available… https://t.co/oRXgWOpwqU @olive_crypt

2022-09-19 18:20:19

I'm turning #MurrayHill backyards into vineyards. Explore Spanish wine from Bar Molino with cheese, bread, olive oi… https://t.co/08ex1zTHrE @DawnEmerickEdD

2022-09-19 11:59:50

@mardirooster @buffalocialism basically just swap olives and olive oil for bacon and bacon fat in his pain au bacon… https://t.co/CC8H5zWRrD @AllezLesBoulez

2022-09-18 21:29:51

@SweetMattyD @Mitzula @GershmansDeli @magicfungi You would matrix the slices of meat/cheese and swap them out for o… https://t.co/SwsdczZEBG @OneOfTheWills

2022-09-18 02:51:31