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Blizzard.Money is the home of the Yeti! It’s easy to become part of the family, all you have to do is earn and stake xBLZD. Initially launching as one of the top yield farms on Binance Smart Chain, we are quickly evolving into an ecosystem of products to serve the majority of your DeFi needs.

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Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL



@pcgamer Too fucking late for that @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS the way you handled Overwatch and Immortal, I'm not g… @spazzoidd

2022-08-19 12:34:24

@KlayGuildGames @rStellaFantasy @money_blizzard @Macinca19 @VijayVst0502 @omdirects_ @nonamelolaaaaaa

2022-08-19 12:27:55

Did they confirm no Mount/Pet/cosmetics store and no battlepass as well? I doubt it. Blizzard are about to ruin Dia… @Minmatar0

2022-08-19 12:18:27

@XerakWoW @Skoll_Shorties @that_kind_oforc I never bought a store mount with real money yet I have them all :3 In… @DrizzlingRose

2022-08-19 11:57:33

@lnferna and lets be honest. A company like Blizzard has the money for those servers and would likely turn a profit… @ArchDaman_

2022-08-19 11:16:00

@KlayGuildGames @rStellaFantasy @padilhando @money_blizzard @kenoshaking @JohnRMoffitt @brendomrock

2022-08-19 10:53:03

Blizzard is extremely keen to tell us how Diablo 4 isn't like Diablo Immortal For some reason, the Diablo 4 devel… @AniGamingNatio1

2022-08-19 10:44:59

@YangCLiu Activision Blizzard is actually only $70bn but I get the point. On the other hand facebook was never good… @Geddo2k

2022-08-19 10:39:48

@that_kind_oforc You have asmongold to thank for that, a millionaire telling you not to give money to blizzard, but to him instead. @Barkybamboo

2022-08-19 07:25:49

@Its_Jyggy I hit that in shadowlands, and i am past keys and pvp now as well, like I want dragonflight to bring me… @Katiera45

2022-08-19 01:09:49

@Wc3Moonstruck @DanteBiasatti @Back2Warcraft It's a new team. There was no dev team for the past ~2 years. They hir… @AlphaWulfGaming

2022-08-19 01:08:57

Everytime someone looks at the balance sheet and be reminded on how much money they are spending, they will remembe… @JohnGalt

2022-08-19 00:26:26

@DanteBiasatti @Back2Warcraft @Warcraft3 @W3ChampionsTeam the communities. It’s a money opportunity. In Blizzard’s… @Zody__

2022-08-19 00:16:41

@StreagerWoW @Diablo Yeah Blizzard and Activision are awful these days. I’m not touching the game or anything those… @ReeceJHCOD

2022-08-18 23:37:32

@DanteBiasatti @Back2Warcraft I appreciate you keeping a positive spin on the situation, but I don't think it's fai… @Wc3Moonstruck

2022-08-18 23:15:05