Celestial Finance

Celestial Finance is a De-Fi yield farming platform constructed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and allows investors to exchange and farm their assets to earn CELES. When compared to other platforms (such as Ethereum), Binance Smart Chain is way faster and low priced. What we are aiming is to create a token that is constantly valued with burning mechanism, unique features, with high farming APRs. Celestial Finance also provides new way of earning alongside with staking; making daily predictions on crypto market values, participating in lottery and playing other interactive games will reward in "Stardust". Which you can exchange for $CELES after reaching a threshold of Stardust Credit.

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Total Value Locked: $887

Network: Bsc


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How much is your Celestial Finance LP worth?

Farm Hunter

Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL
  Celestial CELES-WBNB-LP lp 0.07% 27% $65
  Celestial Cake single 0.0% 1% $21
  Celestial BUSD-WBNB-LP lp 0.01% 2% $90
  Celestial Cake-WBNB-LP lp 0.01% 2% $2
  Celestial BUSD single 0.0% 1% $3
  Celestial CELES single 0.02% 8% $362
  Celestial CELES-JulD-LP lp 0.01% 5% $?
  Celestial BUSD-CELES-LP lp 0.06% 21% $115
  Celestial CELES-Cake-LP lp 0.01% 5% $2
  Celestial JulD single 0.0% 1% $4
  Celestial WBNB single 0.0% 1% $181
  Celestial ETH single 0.0% 1% $38
  Celestial CELES-LIFE-LP lp 0.01% 5% $1
  Celestial CELES-ETH-LP lp 0.01% 5% $12
Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL