Eggplant Finance

Eggplant Finance is the latest yield farming platform on the DeFi market. By staking your tokens in the liquidity pool (LP), you can make crypto gains. That’s right, the Eggplant Finance platform empowers individuals to make crypto gains. You don’t need to ask anyone’s permission to start or do any paperwork. Simply connect your MetaMask wallet to platform and start earning coins. Interest is calculated on a daily basis. Invest as much or as little as you want — the choice is yours. What’s more, there is no pesky know-your-customer paperwork to fill out.

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- From the farm

Total Value Locked: $37,222

Network: Bsc


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How much is your Eggplant Finance LP worth?

Farm Hunter

Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL
  Eggplant BUSD-EGGP-LP lp 0.01% 1% $11,425
  Eggplant EGGP-WBNB-LP lp 0.01% 2% $6,006
  Eggplant EGGP single 0.0% 0% $19,794
Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL