Evolution project is the first to introduce elastic emission of token per block making the next step in the yield farming industry. It adds powerful layer to tokenomics and strengthens sustainability of the farm. Emission is tied up to the price of the token — it speeds up when the price goes up and slows down when it drops. Such correlation will significantly improve stability of the farm.

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Total Value Locked: $6,673

Network: Bsc


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How much is your Evodefi LP worth?

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Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL
  Evodefi GENX-WBNB-LP lp 0.05% 18% $1,341
  Evodefi GENX single 0.02% 8% $2,358
  Evodefi BUSD-GENX-LP lp 0.04% 13% $2,977
Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL