Bringing dual farming rewards through margin trading and lending, to yield farming, on the Binance Smart Chain.

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Total Value Locked: $58,326

Network: Bsc


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Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL SPACE-WBNB-LP lp 0.23% 84% $7,246 BUSD-WBNB-LP lp 0.21% 76% $68 BUSD-SPACE-LP lp 0.26% 95% $4,003 Cake single 0.08% 30% $769 BTCB single 0.08% 30% $495 WBNB single 0.0% 1% $21,985 XVS single 0.05% 17% $1,767 BTCB-WBNB-LP lp 0.05% 18% $2,476 DOT single 0.02% 8% $3,767 BUSD single 0.04% 15% $2,029 USDT single 0.08% 28% $1,078 ETH single 0.05% 18% $1,693 DAI single 0.04% 14% $2,177 ETH-WBNB-LP lp 0.13% 46% $410 USDC single 0.08% 27% $1,104 SPACE single 0.29% 105% $1,450 CRX single 0.02% 7% $2,162 DGN single 0.01% 4% $3,656
Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL



@ded_ruckus @random_eddie I am in your camp, but technically when you look at the thingie on the app that tells you… @WhippleMarc

2021-10-21 17:08:04

@TheSkyeKite I am I already have a farm space for all the upcoming veggies :3 I've just been stressing out about my… @AbyssalAkira

2021-10-21 14:36:33

Thank you for the ALASKA DAY Shoutout on Human Events daily Podcast @JackPosobiec Our State has TRILLIONS in Preci… @AmericanEsther

2021-10-20 17:35:45

@cz_binance More important, most people don't do #YieldFarming for $SpaceX rewards. #BSCGems Read the docs from web… @GeoGeorg1

2021-10-20 16:31:53

@Chalkcheese111 @lannietravels @strayidler @beckyexploring @perthtravelers @LisaRivera2207 @ThoroughTripper @kmf116… @travelforawhile

2021-10-19 18:40:52

cleared out my farm space in acnh and moved some trees.. finally putting empty spaces on my island to use feels so nice @illabyes

2021-10-19 16:32:53

@simply_emjay @binance If/when you want to try a project in Decentralized Finance (in short, DeFi), I invite you to… @GeoGeorg1

2021-10-18 21:21:35

New article from Teslarati: SpaceX rolls second-to-last ‘cryoshell’ to Starbase’s orbital tank farm -… @the_snapi

2021-10-18 20:59:47

It’s official! I’m moving my house again! I will be working on decorating around it on Saturday during my stream! T… @Zelda_Moom

2021-10-18 18:57:29

Did you do that farm space? @jahknowwagwaan

2021-10-18 15:31:25

@_sunfloweralice the crops!!!!!!! i kept a growing pumpkin patch and now i get to make a farm space on my island!!!… @AcnhAndre

2021-10-18 06:08:13

@SeanStreamMom I haven't even seen the upcoming updates lol but everyone talking about it got me excited to play ag… @TOASTINATIR

2021-10-17 22:54:25

@NewStudCity I’ve got a lot of spaces that could be reworked for sure. I’ve got a farm space that can be redone for a vegetation @SpinelessOyster

2021-10-17 21:57:31

Started a farm space just in time for the Animal Crossing Direct! I'm so excited to fix it up and plant new crops a… @kimberishrtcake

2021-10-17 17:21:14

Planning my AC island but ✨making farm space✨ is my new thing @CosmoCrossings

2021-10-17 14:00:59