Throughout recorded history, passive income has always been the true sign of wealth and financial freedom. It was a privilege that only the few, with considerable investment capital and opportunities, were able to attain. The rest of us were left to pour sweat blood and tears, dreaming and hoping of being on the other side of the financial spectrum. Now, things are changing. With Moonlift, we want to transform what was once a dream, into an actionable opportunity for everyone.

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Total Value Locked: $192,908

Network: Bsc


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Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL
  Moonlift BUSD-WBNB-LP lp 383.55% 139996% $3,400
  Moonlift MLTPX-WBNB-LP lp 13.51% 4931% $96,513
  Moonlift BUSD-MLTPX-LP lp 15.32% 5593% $85,094
  Moonlift Cake-MLTPX-LP lp 164.98% 60219% $7,904
Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL



Moonlift Dancer🐰 @meetiavr

2021-10-21 15:45:26

@MoonliftI @moonlight_bsc Welcome Moonlift, Moonlight Family ❤️🌙 @Syk11221

2021-10-21 13:40:05

At #MoonLift we always want to be tranparent! Thanks to @moonlight_bsc for listing #MLTPX on #BubbleMaps An anal… @MoonliftI

2021-10-21 13:30:53

@jasric89 @CSF1T Left for personal reasons but the week after joins moonlift that makes sense @skwirrelgrip

2021-10-21 11:11:27

@MoonliftI Scam you can t sell moonlift @MarkRood12

2021-10-21 09:23:03

You can find a soulmate later, get #BOM now🔥 LOT is happening behind the scenes folks! We’re makin sure $BOM will… @BlackLemonwtf

2021-10-21 09:22:06

Just read a bit. Go and depict an image in your mind so that you can really see what the wise see. 🧐 $mltpx… @007Macmac007

2021-10-21 07:15:13

I believe the things @MoonliftI is building will exceed all expectations. Get some $MLTPX while it's still on sale… @MattHardyFi

2021-10-21 06:01:33

Get your #MLTPX on our V1 DEX. The dex will soon be replaced with our newest V2 version. @MoonliftI

2021-10-21 06:01:08

One of our community members made this #MoonLift #MLTPX moonsheet🚀 Whats coming: ✅ New rebranded website ✅ V2 DEX… @MoonliftI

2021-10-21 05:54:14

Events: Bistroo #BIST : Today: CoinPayments Integration Moonlift #MLTP : Today: Token Burn PIVX #PIVX : Today: Core Wallet v. @PABS_News

2021-10-19 23:53:00

@centerofbitcoin @BabyDogeCoin Think @BabyDogeCoin must been added to #Moonlift V2 DEX as well. @MoonliftI 💪💪 @roy_noom

2021-10-19 21:38:36

@JrKripto UBE, CELO, MOONLIFT. @azores_high

2021-10-19 20:08:50

Enough $MLTPX to make it to top holder list... burnt forever 👀🔥 @MoonliftI doing burns like these just about every… @MattHardyFi

2021-10-19 11:42:29

We just burned 267,512,131 #MLTPX coming from buybacks and paid fees. Things might look a bit slower over the las… @MoonliftI

2021-10-19 11:32:22