DinoSwap is a cross-chain infrastructure project that builds liquidity for layer-one blockchains, AMMs and partnering projects. Launching on Polygon, there is an exciting opportunity for farmers to earn DINO and other project tokens. DinoSwap benefits from velociraptor fast and prehistorically cheap transaction capabilities on Polygon. We believe that we are still in the early Cretaceous period of Crypto, with the best excavations to come. Just don't go fully extinct!

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Total Value Locked: $29,672,238

Network: Polygon


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Farm Hunter

Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL
  Dinoswap USDT-UST-LP lp 0.1% 37% $4,104,220
  Dinoswap $DG-USDC-LP lp 0.24% 85% $1,776,375
  Dinoswap ARPA-WETH-LP lp 0.15% 53% $2,832,679
  Dinoswap SFI-WETH-LP lp 0.16% 57% $2,639,902
  Dinoswap DINO-WETH-LP lp 1.03% 375% $4,064,326
  Dinoswap ORBS-USDC-LP lp 0.27% 97% $1,563,171
  Dinoswap ROUTE (PoS)-WETH-LP lp 0.29% 105% $1,452,330
  Dinoswap FOR-USDC-LP lp 0.49% 177% $859,893
  Dinoswap DNXC-USDC-LP lp 1.06% 386% $394,425
  Dinoswap DINO-USDC-LP lp 0.88% 319% $8,588,781
  Dinoswap EROWAN-XPRT-LP lp 1.61% 586% $260,253
  Dinoswap EROWAN-QUICK-LP lp 1.5% 547% $278,759
  Dinoswap USDC-WORK-LP lp 0.5% 181% $631,678
  Dinoswap EROWAN-REGEN-LP lp 1.85% 676% $225,452
Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL



@sandeepnailwal @0xPolygon @AlchemyPlatform stoping posting these shits. You are promoting the scam tokens like Dinoswap. @Ashutosh1619

2021-10-21 07:40:37

Earning whisper, this week starts the extinction pool of #DINOSWAP L, Dino = yatch @CajulMatias

2021-10-20 15:20:22

@sifchain @DinoSwapHQ Dinoswap is just a copy paste shit. Team has no new concepts. Just copy pasting from cake. ev… https://t.co/IKwZth4sDa @Ashutosh1619

2021-10-20 03:51:35

@sifchain @DinoSwapHQ With a new extinction pool opening, Dinoswap users heavily need to consider the trajectory of… https://t.co/Y9VMinNngE @heraldry4

2021-10-19 22:36:44

@sifchain @DinoSwapHQ When will the Dinoswap Dino book for kiddos be released? 😆 @J3d1_R3v4n

2021-10-19 21:11:27

@jin_mori_god @DinoSwapHQ I will never make more defi in matic..... Always problems.... Dinoswap zeroooooo!!! @JOAOPER93626858

2021-10-19 19:33:40

@sandeepnailwal @DraftKings @0xPolygon What about dinoswap, which you hyped a lot and now dumped 99 perceng @Ashutosh1619

2021-10-19 10:33:44

Check out their medium article for more details (the program will last for 90 days). https://t.co/Tstr9x589i @sifchain

2021-10-17 23:59:01

Dinoswap also has outstanding rewards for Rowan:[Cosmos TKN] pairs and Rowan:Quick, 300%+ APR (10,000%+ APY)! Dino… https://t.co/8FguPWpLYk @sifchain

2021-10-17 23:58:35

@NADE92793747 @sifchain @QuickswapDEX I spent less than $200 in bringing from binance to cosmos, to rowan, back to… https://t.co/Tjp6pcU9xL @investwith100

2021-10-17 04:14:50

How and Where to Buy DinoSwap (DINO) #DinoSwap $DinoSwap #DINO $DINO #btc #crypto #cryptocurrencies… https://t.co/MP3lWfT6mz @crypto_buy_tips

2021-10-16 21:07:32

@sifchain @QuickswapDEX Could you elaborate where those really high APY numbers are coming from? From what I see th… https://t.co/X8prEiUFZI @Nickscrypt

2021-10-16 05:31:14

ImpermaxがPolygonのDinoSwapに対応予定 https://t.co/LIEQCuD5xt @jetman_eth

2021-10-16 01:41:47

No tengo dudas de que #dinoswap es una gran propuesta. Si uno de los co-fundadores de #terraluna y el fundador de… https://t.co/KQXXDNuKwW @MrNowhereowey

2021-10-15 23:41:13

From Impermax AMM DinoSwap on Polygon soon🔥 SX Network Avalanche Moonriver #Impermax $IMX #DinoSwap $DINO… https://t.co/Tbj7vDIr5W @indometax

2021-10-15 23:31:25