JetSwap Polygon

Jetswap is a decentralized Automated Market Maker (AMM) on Binance Smart Chain & Polygon with low fees and instant trade execution. Trade from the comfort of your own wallet! Jetswap runs on Binance smart chain (BSC) & Polygon (Matic), blockchains designed for fast and cheap transactions. Combined with lower trading fees than other top exchanges, Jetswap works to save you money! Trade directly from your favorite wallet application! There are no accounts to set up or trading limits. You have full control over your assets and Jetswap has 0 control over your assets. You can earn BIG WINGS & pWINGS rewards when you deposit your Jetswap WINGS-LP & pWINGS-LP to the WINGS farm. You can also farm WINGS/pWINGS with single assets like WINGS, GFCE, JETS, and FTS! The WINGS LP tokens generate trading fees for the depositor! Even if there is not a supported WINGS farm you can still earn a percentage of every trading fee.

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- From the farm

Total Value Locked: $217,518

Network: Polygon


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How much is your JetSwap Polygon LP worth?

Farm Hunter

Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL
  Jetswap USDT-WETH-LP lp 0.04% 13% $612
  Jetswap WMATIC-oAUTO-LP lp 0.0% 0% $11,136
  Jetswap USDC-WETH-LP lp 0.0% 1% $7,986
  Jetswap WMATIC-pWINGS-LP lp 0.15% 54% $5,905
  Jetswap USDT-WMATIC-LP lp 0.0% 1% $9,842
  Jetswap WETH-WMATIC-LP lp 0.0% 1% $12,175
  Jetswap pWINGS single 0.18% 66% $1,863
  Jetswap USDC-WMATIC-LP lp 0.0% 1% $8,893
  Jetswap USDC-USDT-LP lp 0.0% 0% $126,882
  Jetswap WBTC-WETH-LP lp 0.01% 2% $10,302
  Jetswap DAI-USDC-LP lp 0.0% 0% $15,873
  Jetswap USDT-WBTC-LP lp 0.02% 5% $2,237
  Jetswap PFORCE-WMATIC-LP lp 0.06% 22% $1,181
  Jetswap PFORCE single 0.01% 3% $2,639
Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL