PolyBeta Finance

PolyBETA Finance is the 2nd layer (L2) of PolyAlpha Finance and 3rd layer (L3) of PolygonFarm's community-led stable-yield farming protocol established exclusively on the Polygon ecosystem. For layer 3, in order to further maximize the earning potential for our community members, a newly developed set of unique and creative strategies will be incorporated into the protocol with the purpose of ensuring good APRs stability over longer periods of farming. Furthermore, we will continue and build on the rigorous research the team has been conducting to further develop and implement novel techniques intended to reinforce the rigidity of the APR/APY at high rates and for longer duration. Lastly, we will also introduce a variety of features into layer 2, including but not limited to new systems for lotteries, parallel farming for Layer 1 SPADE and more novel features that will be timely announced to protect from intellectual theft. Also, we can't forget about our community favorites of auto-compounding vaults (single-stake & LP), multiple dividend pools, and new partnerships.

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Total Value Locked: $7,211

Network: Polygon


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How much is your PolyBeta Finance LP worth?

Farm Hunter

Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL
  Polybeta DAI single 0.35% 126% $1,873
  Polybeta BETA-USDC-LP lp 3.52% 1283% $558
  Polybeta ALPHA-USDC-LP lp 0.53% 192% $553
  Polybeta BETA single 1.23% 449% $713
  Polybeta BETA-USDC-LP lp 4.64% 1694% $323
  Polybeta USDT single 0.61% 223% $1,003
  Polybeta WMATIC single 0.62% 224% $207
  Polybeta ALPHA single 0.35% 128% $157
  Polybeta BETA-WMATIC-LP lp 1.41% 513% $423
  Polybeta WETH single 0.63% 231% $36
  Polybeta LINK single 0.44% 160% $525
  Polybeta PolyDoge single 0.18% 64% $211
  Polybeta WBTC single 0.62% 224% $65
  Polybeta USDC single 0.67% 243% $439
  Polybeta SPADE single 0.26% 96% $35
  Polybeta BETA-KOGECOIN-LP lp 1.23% 449% $98
Farm Token Type Daily Apr Yearly Apr TVL